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  1. How Terrible Mangal Dosha Could Be?
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How Terrible Mangal Dosha Could Be?

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Choose image. Mars Mangal Graha planet is a very fierce planet.

Final Note On Manglik Dosha

So where ever it sits in the kundli, it creates great friction or aggression. This shows it Mars Mangal sits in the above said houses bhav then it would definitely be creating lots of energy exchange, which may be fatal!

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So if you find out something related to your life, then it may be because of Manglik Dosh in your kundli. These are few consequences above which may affect your life because of this manglik dosh. Correct we have remedy for every dosh! Remember , if you really wanna get benefited from the remedy then get your own remedy as per your kundli rather than going for generalized remedial measures.

The above said rules can make the dosh , a YOG!

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  5. We have written a complete book on kundli milaan in the most simplest form. The Explanation is so layman that first time reader can understand it. Skip to content. What is Manglik Dosh in Astrology: Manglik Dosh is one of the dosh of Astrology , where people have very limited knowledge. Whosoever is the ardent reader of astrology , is the know-er of this dosha.

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    Manglik Dosh is created by Mangal Graha i. There are few placements in-terms of houses are given in Astrological Scriptures. Manglik dosh is created when the Mars is placed in these houses viz 1st,2nd, 4th , 7th , 8th and 12th house of your kundli. Consequences of Manglik Dosh: There can be many problems in life because of this dosh.

    You become more aggressive in your professional front including domestic one. Gradually becoming more n more stubborn for unnecessary things. Problem in begetting children after many attempts. Failures in almost everything you do more or less.

    An Ancient Science

    Problem with in-laws or own parents. Separation with wife or parents or children. Money theft or Money Loss through investments. Loan rejection or Incompetence for Loan Return.

    Decoding Mangal Dosha in Astrology – Unbiased Approach | Predictions For Success

    Mars Mangal affects the life through 4 aspects Through Placed House,Wherever it sits, it affect the life related to that bhav. Through 4th sight,Mars sees the 4th house from the placed location and thus affect that bhav. With 7th sight, Mars sees the opposite house to its placed house and thus affect that bhav. From this house, mars aspects the 4th house, 7th house and 8th house through his sight. Having sight on 4th house diminish the happiness in domestic life.